Welcome to the official website of the ICF!

President’s Message

On behalf of the International Carrom Federation, I am delighted to extend this warm message of welcome to the ICF inaugural web-site.

Our aims and objectives are to promote the interest of Carrom through assisting, strengthening and developing National Federations in all Countries, and arranging International competitions in a co-ordinated manner.

Carrom has been widely played in many countries around the world for at least one hundred years. Without a structured set of rules of how to play carrom and officially approved equipment, progress in International events was slow.

With the setting up of the ICF, as the formally recognised International body for the promotion of Carrom on 15th October 1988, and the publication of the “Laws of Carrom”, the scene was set for Carrom to gain the International recognition it so richly deserves. Our activities record is one example of the explosive growth we have seen in the last 14 years. To have successfully organised so may International events and have an ever growing membership of the ICF (16 countries now as opposed to 6, when the ICF was set up) is certainly a very laudable achievement. Credit and thanks for this must go to Mr. Martin Meier (President of the ICF from 1988 to 1997), Mr. B. Bangaru Babu (Secretary General of the ICF from 1988 to 2001, and the person very often referred to as “Father of Carrom”) and Mr. M. Zahir-Naseer (President of the NOC of Maldives, President of the Asian Carrom Confederation and holder of numerous other important posts).

We are now ready to take the next leap for formal inclusion of Carrom in International Sporting events like the SAF Games, Asian Games, European Championships, Commonwealth Games and finally the Olympics. We recognise that the road to our ultimate objective will be a very long and hard one, but with positive support, encouragement and blessings , I am sure it won’t be long before we see our end goals very much in sight!

A number of our member units also have their web-site, with their unique national flavour. All these are linked with us.

I am sure you will find the site informative, educational, useful and exciting!

Finally I would like to thank our member unit The U S Carrom Association, for hosting this site.

With warm, Carrom-filled, greetings and my very best wishes.

Krishan K Sharma ACA DL President – ICF Luton, UK
9th September 2002